What is Htlapp?

It is a service that, through a small box provided by us and located behind the TV and connected to the HDMI port, offers over 3000 TV channels from all over the world, all internet radios, the first page of newspapers from the world, the local weather in real time, and not least the complete personalization on your part for all the information usually requested at reception, such as: tours, where to eat, transfers etc ..


Will there be a bandwidth issue if all 150 guests are watching streaming television at the same time?

Our service requires a dedicated minimum bandwidth of 2Mbps DOWNLOAD per BOX (TV/ROOM). No upload required.

This is if they stream TV channels. So you will need at least 300Mbps in download that can obviously be via multiple providers.

From our experience our customers have solved a great deal of connectivity problems because HTLAPP serves the room with contents for more than one person and the guests in the room will not use their own devices, so bandwidth is actually reduced!

Please provide references of a typical resort where HTLAPP is deployed


This resort has just been renovated (august 2017) and has 170 rooms with HTLAPP

They have also lux bungalows where they have 2 TVs with 2 HTLAPP each

They have invested in the LAN infrastructure in order to guarantee full bandwidth to our boxes and are able to deploy any TV streaming contents

Do you have a list of channels available to show? How do you compare this to Competitors?

Please write to:


for a list of some of our channels. These are divided by language and region around the world

Htlapp has also free Adult Contents and a variety of in-Apps (youtube, Ted, Disney etc…)

Please clarify the three pricing categories found on your site.

Our service can be activated in 2 ways:

The first

a monthly cost per TV (no other costs are required, no activation and cost for hardware, everything included)

First year of service this cost is 15€/Month/TV  (if you have a 20% discount for more than 100 boxes) MONTHLY COST FIRST YEAR for 100 boxes is  1200,00€ (vat excluded)


Form the second year of service this cost is 10€/Month/TV  (if you have a 20% discount for more than 100 boxes) MONTHLY COST FIRST YEAR for 100 boxes is 800,00€ (vat excluded)



From the second year you are free to stop the service whenever you like

We do provide seasonal stops and goes


All payments are via PAYPAL or Credit card



The second

A onetime payment upfront valid for 36 months of service per BOX

250,00€ (15% discount) so for 150 rooms this is a total 31.875,00€ (vat excluded)


All payments are via PAYPAL or Credit card or swift

What are the security protocols for each of the units? What prevents someone from taking them from the hotel and using them in their home?

Our Htlapp box is registered via cloud and ‘knows’ exactly it’s location. Every box is identified and unless its disconnected from the internet (which would inhibit any function anyways) we provide service only if we know it’s in the right place!


In fact we can stop the service of a single box and the product will write “NOT REGISTERED” rendering it completely useless for the unlawful user…